A cabin of opportunities and benefits

This is the continuing story of Alexandra and Andrew, two platonic friends succumbing to curiosity, desire and sexual tension. In the previous chapter (part 2) they were planning a day trip to explore some properties for a future project of Andrew’s. Before that (part 1) Alexandra fantasized about a sexual experience with her friend which led to a frustrating night without relief.

* * *

The cabin looked inviting with its big stone fireplace and the huge framed windows. But it was the scenery through the windows that enhanced the seductive atmosphere; nothing but trees and water.

“There’s a lot of privacy here,” Andrew said, reading Alexandra’s mind. Quickly, she turned to give him a sly smile.

“Sure is,” she agreed before turning her attention back to the window.

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The intricate complications of friends with(out) benefits

A stand-alone piece that’s connected to Longing for orgasmic release using the same two characters: Alexandra and Andrew. Pondering their platonic friendship and the possibilities of a friends with benefits relationship.


“What would happen if we kissed?”

Andrew stated the question bluntly, without preliminary chitchat. This is how it’s been with him since the beginning, Alexandra thought. The demand for truth and full disclosure in all their conversations. He had always insisted that if she wanted to know something, to ask him directly.

She stared at him. The sexual tension continued to make its presence known, but other than a few virtual boundaries, they hadn’t crossed the lines in real life. Theirs was a platonic friendship, at least for now.

Or was it? 

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Longing for orgasmic release

Tossing and turning isn’t going to help me get some rest, Alexandra thought as she rolled around on the big futon, trying to stay underneath the warmth of the electric blanket.

It was cold in the room, but warm in the bed. Her skin tingled. She kept thinking about him, how they left it last time they were together. How the pull to join, with lips and pussy and cock, had increased in strength and intensity.

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The Man from the South – Chapter 3

For this story to make sense, please read the Prologue and Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 first.

Leah pulled into the parking lot of a large hotel and took out her phone.

‘I’m here,’ she typed into a chat app and waited for further instructions.

They came immediately.

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The Man from the South – Chapter 2

For this story to make sense, please read the Prologue and Chapter 1 first.

Leah watched her friend Alex check a map location on his phone. He must be getting ready to go somewhere.

She didn’t say anything. She stayed seated at their little table in the coffee shop, waiting for the lull in their conversation to end.

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The Man from the South – Chapter 1

For this story to make sense, please read the Prologue first.

Leah spent the next weeks poring over the internet, researching D/s relationships and all their related intricacies. Ever since the Man from the South texted her he was coming for a visit, she has been distracted to the point of exasperation.

She had never done anything like this before.

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