Demeaning dorm sex

The knock on her dorm room door was loud and pronounced. She didn’t recognize it…her girlfriends usually knocked quieter, more demurely. As if they expected to interrupt her studies. Or something else.

She opened the door and saw Tom standing there. Tom from first year, who lived in the adjacent hallway down from her room. They were both sophomores now, and he, like her, was still staying in the dorm despite many of their friends having moved off campus.

“You gonna let me in?” he demanded in a deep, raspy voice.

She glanced at him while stepping aside to let him in. This year, they both had single rooms; last year they both had double rooms which they shared with roommates.

“Hi,” she said to him and moved some of her books aside so he could lean against the desk.

She sat on the bed.

Tom gave her a look that she knew was an appraisal. She suddenly felt self-conscious. She touched her long hair and smoothed down her plain t-shirt.

She hadn’t really expected company, especially not male company. Especially not Tom.

He must have been popular in high school – tall, good looking, exuding a confidence reserved for the in-crowd she remembered well in high school. They didn’t know each other then; they met in college, but she knew of people like him at her own high school.

She remembered the sexual tension between them through the first two semesters. But he had a girlfriend, like all popular guys did (and do) and she knew she wasn’t even in his line of vision.

She was plain, unremarkable, quiet, introverted. He was all the opposite characteristics.

Leaning there against the desk, he continued to stare at her. Then he unzipped his jeans.

“You got any condoms?” he wanted to know.

She didn’t know how to react. His question was both demeaning and arousing.

He wanted to have sex with her? Now? A year later, after all the banter back and forth?

She didn’t remember ever having seen any physical evidence that he was attracted to her beyond the teasing kind of way that popular guys were with inexperienced, shy girls.

She thought they were just flirting a little bit. She never really attached any meaning to it. He was so obviously out of her league.

And she knew he had a girlfriend, one with a strange name that reminded her of pencil crayons. That’s why she remembered, because of the strange name.

She disliked that he made fun of her name behind her back.

Now he was here, in her room, wondering if she had any condoms.

“Yes,” she responded. She knew that it was important to practice safe sex, especially with people who were promiscuous. Like Tom implied to be even though he had a girlfriend.

She wondered why he didn’t bring any himself if his reasons for showing up here were that obvious.

She opened her top drawer and handed him the condom, which earned her an incredulous look.

“You’re not going to put it on?” he asked her, further demeaning her.

She didn’t know how to react to that, either. He must have assumed she was inexperienced. She oozed inexperience, she knew. Many of the guys in the dorm last year made fun of her because of that.

She left the condom on the table. He didn’t take it, or use it, but neither did she.

She didn’t remember exactly what happened next, beyond the penetration sex and his eventual ejaculation all over her stomach. She didn’t even remember if there was any foreplay.

Of course there wasn’t any foreplay. She still had her tshirt on, and her bra. This wasn’t about getting to know her, or know her ways; this was about release. His release.

When he was done ejaculating on her, she sat up next to him on the bed. He pushed her head between his legs, making her slide off the bed and into a kneeling position on the floor.

She looked up in surprise. What did he want her to do? Surely not that, now, that he was full of semen?

He glared down at her.

“You’re never gonna get a husband if you don’t suck cock,” he told her and zipped up.

She was left on her knees wondering what had just happened.

Later, much later, she heard he married the pencil crayon girl a year later. Apparently, she was pregnant. The guys who knew about it, his buddies, they all stated that the girlfriend did it on purpose, getting pregnant. To trap him.

She didn’t really understand any of it, and didn’t want to. That afternoon, the sex in her room with her unused condom, it meant nothing. Not even his derogatory comment about husbands and cock sucking.

Or did it?

11 thoughts on “Demeaning dorm sex

      1. Haha! Yes we did! It was while we were having a winter holiday! It was in August last year. The post is called “A mouthful”…!!! We dont know how to send you a link! Hope you can find it!

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      2. Occasionally…if he’s really good boy. I don’t swallowing though! 🤣🤣🤣 Usually we prefer normal sex. It’s more intimate. Do you do it?

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