Mirrors are not the enemy. Or are they?

Selfies are so much more telling. Plus they can be manipulated, cropped, filtered.

Black and white imagery is making a come-back. Like the good old days.

Were they the good old days?

There were no selfies then.

Mirrors have this mirror image that confuse and disorient. Distort. Invite critique from the worst critic.

And they need constant wiping.

Mirrors are annoying. Avoid at all cost.

It’s better that way.

Is it?

Yes. Unless you have to style your hair. Or pluck something.

Do it and move on.

The internet is full of selfies. In various stages of dress or undress. Why do people share?

Why do people over-share?

I know why, I’m asking you.

The first one is the hardest. But also the easiest. It’s complicated.

A wake-up call, of sorts. But it gets easier with practice.

Tip: timers are useful.

Attract. Seduce.


Self, first. Always.

The others, they matter too. But not at first. They matter later.

There is no selfie of Cassandra here. Have you noticed this?

But she’s here. She’s real. And she woke up.



16 thoughts on “Self-seduction

  1. I’ve learned a lot about myself through self photography. And I’ve faced a lot of demons in doing so, as well. For me it’s a way of accepting and coming to terms with an unfair ideal of beauty that I have allowed to needle my insecurities.

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    1. I understand. I see things protrude or stick out and I wonder…who says that’s not beautiful? It’s about self-acceptance and sometimes, photos can help with that. As you know, and, as I see in other related communities through some of the memes. 🙂

      Thank you for the retweet!

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  2. I find pictures shot with mirrors and selfie sticks to be slightly annoying unless there is exceptional creativity involved. Some how it seems… lazy? Too disinterested to even use a self timer, to pose and compose. Unimaginative settings, prosaic pose, just standing/sitting/laying there, nothing but a desperate “Look at me. I’m naked. See my cock or pussy or…!”

    I’ve always felt that a nude, especially an erotic nude, needs to imply a scenario. Not just a flat record of what one’s naked body looks like but a story that leads one into the reason for the nudity. Why am I looking at a nude? How did come about? What will happen next? Also a sense that you cared about it enough to put some effort into the technical and aesthetic aspects. If you don’t think your picture is important, nobody else will either.

    At least buy a tripod and learn to use the self timer. Use a photo editor to fix it up.

    I try to do that with my own pictures. I usually enmesh them in text and at least try to tell a story. You can put yourself in my place and imagine what I’m feeling. In my case it is not an attempt at eroticism. I cannot imagine that anyone would be interested in such. More just the joy of being naked.

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    1. I do enjoy the story telling part that a well-taken photo can partake in.

      I would love to supplement some of these stories here but I have made the conscious decision that for now, it’s solely the words I want to carry the weight of the story telling. If vivid imagery enters the reader’s mind, then I will take that as a compliment.

      I appreciate you taking time to read and comment. Thank you kindly.

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