Rope dreams

What is it about rope that entices her sexual senses? Is it her vulnerability? Her exposure?

Or is it about his dominance over her? Her submission to him?

She is drawn to submission, a place where she believes she could shed her inhibitions. Where she could feel something deeper, more intense, and enduring. At least, that’s what she imagines it would be like.

Maybe it’s about control. Mutually consented to ahead of time, but desired by both. Allowing him to hone his skill and method in teasing her while bound and helpless.

These are the thoughts that percolate through her mind as she reminisces over her naughty dream that has her all worked up. Lying there in her pillows, sheet lightly covering her goosebumps-covered body, she lets her hands travel and seek. The mist between her legs is beckoning.

She closes her eyes and returns to her dream. How did it go again?

She imagines herself tied to all four corners of the bed, but not too tight. They like it, the men, when she can flail her limbs a little and react. He likes it when she tries to touch herself, or reach for him, but can’t.

That’s the dominance he enjoys and the submission she craves.

It’s crucial he understands her limits, and boundaries before they begin. They must be respected. Tied up and at his mercy, she must trust him explicitly that he won’t hurt her, or push her too far.

It’s an art, edging this way. For him in terms of method and skill, for her in terms of endurance and pleasure.

Not everyone understands how to play this game…

But she knows he does. He knows how to create and set up a scene like this, where her body becomes his canvas.

It’s all in the slow build.

3 thoughts on “Rope dreams

  1. You know, it’s interesting…whenever I’ve imagined this scenario, I never thought about tying up her feet, too. I’m not sure why, because that truly gives me complete control. And that’s pretty much the point.

    Very nicely written. It’s such a turn-on to think about…

    Liked by 1 person

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