Indecent morning mist

This is a sequel to Morning Mist.

It wasn’t that long ago when she actualized a long-lived fantasy; being nude outside in the fresh air and the early morning sunshine.

Fondly, she reminisced the first time she shed her clothes while out of doors. It happened just the other weekend, during coffee time on her back porch, when she had a sudden urge to be naked. As a result, her subsequent weekend morning ritual evolved into this newly developed, slightly riskier behavior.

She liked the idea of sitting there, alone, in the nude, in a completely natural, normal state.

This is where she was now, early on Sunday morning, with her coffee and her sunglasses. The robe came with her again, just like last time, but she left it draped on the back of her chair as opposed to underneath her. A little less handy, but still available at a moment’s notice.

Over the past few days she contemplated if she could emerge from bed and make her way onto her little deck naked, without the use of her robe. She did enjoy sleeping naked, leaving her vulnerable and aroused for most of the night. But, part of her was still just a little apprehensive. Her nudity was private, for her eyes only, and those of her lover.

But, her lover wasn’t here today. She had to improvise to counter his absence.

Outdoor nudity seemed to do the trick. For now.

Content, she leaned back in her lawn chair, surrounded by flower boxes, enjoying the sun on her skin.

Her naked skin.

There was plenty of privacy, despite the high density neighborhood she lived in. On the one side was a tall trellis, shielding her from prying eyes of the early risers next door. Directly in front of her were several flower boxes with blooms ensuring privacy from those who lived further down, across the fence. And on the right…well, there was no privacy on that side. But she knew those neighbors rarely made use of their deck, much less their yard, given the state of neglect over there.

She felt safe, and relaxed.

After a while, the sun moved behind a tree at the far end of her yard. A bit of shade left her exposed body feeling slightly chilled, but not so much so that she felt the need to cover herself.

She glanced down and watched her nipples harden.

I’m getting goosebumps, she thought. Was it an indication of the slight chill in the air in the shade, or was it arousal?

She spread her legs slightly and fondled her mound. Just like last time she was out here, she felt a bit of stubble in the places she has come to enjoy as smooth, and bald. Again, she made a mental note to touch up in the shower later.

Her fingers dipped a little closer to her pedals, seeking and probing for moisture.

Morning mist, as she liked to call it.

Just as she was about to enter herself with her index finger, she became aware of a movement in her peripherals. Startled, she looked up and to the right, the only place where she was exposed.

She saw a flash of a pink housecoat disappear indoors.

Must have been the lady, she thought, thinking how unusual it was for her neighbor to set foot out of doors, especially on an early Sunday morning.

But she paid no mind to her.

She probably didn’t even see me, she assured herself. It’s not like I’m standing up and flashing my body at her…

The sun had in the meantime passed by the tree and engulfed her little porch with sunshine again. There was no shade anymore, and she felt her body absorb the warmth.

Adjusting her sunglasses on her face, she laid back into her pillow and relaxed her legs, still slightly apart, in front of her.

But another noise interrupted her serenity. The neighbor’s screen door slammed not once, but several times.

Sighing, she lifted her sunglasses and peeked over.

There they were, the whole family. The pink robe-clad matriarch, her husband, and both teenage sons.

They stood there, standing behind their railing, staring at her and speaking softly in a foreign language.

Then, as suddenly as they came out, they all went back inside. The older of the two teenage sons lingered a little longer, but a pink arm pulled him through the door. Reluctantly, the boy let himself be dragged inside.

She was once again left alone in her nudity on her porch.

The interruption however disturbed the serenity of her morning.

Sighing, she reached for her robe on the back of her chair, and tied it loosely around her body. Then, she grabbed her cup, and went inside to brew herself a fresh coffee.

While she waited for the drip to finish, she contemplated her neighbors’ reaction. She wondered how much they saw.

Probably just my breasts, she thought, trying to visualize how much of her actual porch might be visible from their own porch’s position, at their angle.

It’s not likely they saw her attempt at masturbating, she decided, assuring herself that her privacy was respected despite their obvious curiosity. It was however a little surprising, she thought, that the wife went inside to announce her discovery to the whole family, especially this early in the morning. Did she wake them up, perhaps with some agitation or yelling? Or were they already awake?

It is what it is, she told herself and poured cream into her coffee.

Clutching her robe close to her, she returned to her porch and sat down, remaining dressed this time. The moment has passed anyway, and she didn’t really feel very erotic anymore.

Next time, she thought and pondered what she could do to ensure better privacy from that side of her backyard. Maybe she’ll plant a tall, flowering bush or some other vegetation to shield her porch better.

Eventually, her coffee all drunk, she decided to take a shower. But then, the doorbell interrupted her. Confused at who would come over this early on a Sunday morning, she went to peek through the window at the front of the house.

A police car was parked on the driveway, and two officers were standing at her door.

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