Tantalizing bikini games (part 1)

She was lying on her back on a lawn chair near the long, rectangular pool, leisurely soaking up the sun. Every once in a while, she adjusted herself by twisting her body this way, or that.

She did this on purpose.

She was aware of him, watching her from the patio just off the kitchen. She could see the top of his ball cap past the hedge that separated the pool area from the house.

And yet, she pretended not to see him.

She adjusted her sunglasses and fidgeted with her towel, as if trying to get comfortable. Keenly aware of his presence, she exaggerated her movements more than was necessary.

She wanted to tempt him with her bikini clad curves.

She wondered if she should turn and wave to him. That would be the polite thing to do. Acknowledge his presence and invite him to join her on the pool’s deck.

But she didn’t. She much preferred to torment and tease from afar.

With a sigh, she leaned back into her lawn chair and closed her eyes.

After a while, she lifted her head up and glanced at her belly. Did she put enough sunblock on to prevent burn?

Her belly was slightly rounder than she liked. But she had given up trying to emulate the taunt abdomens of the millennials.

Lets see what they look like after babies and c-sections, she told herself and reached for the sunblock again.

Carefully, she dripped some of the lotion onto her stomach and rubbed it into her skin. In a slow, circular motion, she continued slathering the white liquid all over the front of her torso, eventually reaching upwards toward her bikini top. Once her hand reached the strap, she rubbed underneath it to apply the lotion evenly.

Slow and pronounced, she spread the creamy sunblock across her chest.

Is he still sitting there, behind the hedge?

She pondered about him while continuing to caress her skin.

A small smile escaped her lips. And a wicked plan began to form inside her head.

Cautiously, she sat up, keeping an eye on her belly. Sucking in her stomach and tightened her abdominal muscles, she swung her legs to the side of the chair and planted her feet firmly on the ground. She was now facing the hedge, with the house directly in her line of vision. Pushing her sunglasses up her nose, she stole another glance toward the patio, to verify if he was still sitting there.

Was he?

She squinted behind her sunglasses. Didn’t she just see his hat duck a bit lower behind the wall of greenery?

Another smile escaped her lips, and she reached for the tube of lotion once again. This time, she rubbed a liberal amount onto her shoulders, moving the straps of her bikini top aside, and eventually letting them fall down along her upper arms.

The bikini top barely covered her bosom now.

Her breasts, full and free from the constriction, jiggled a bit. Still smiling, she moved the palm of her hand over top of the white skin of her globes, spending more time than was necessary rubbing in the sunblock. Did he notice her playing with her nipples below the cloth of her bikini?

She didn’t dare look over toward the hedge and the patio now, not wanting to be caught red-handed teasing him. What would he do if he realized she knew he was watching?

She didn’t know him well enough to predict one way or the other. But the fact that she saw him there earlier meant she did succeed in seducing him a little.

She felt a smug sort of satisfaction at the thought of him playing voyeur. Acutely aware of her straps dangling loosely from her arms, she thought of what she could do next to up the ante.

Maybe I’ll push the boundaries a bit, she pondered. What if she decided to drop her bikini top all together?

With a glance toward the pool, she suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to feel the refreshing, blue-tinted water all over her body.

What if she did take her bikini top off, and wandered over to the pool’s edge topless?

Again, she smiled and removed her sunglasses. Abruptly, she turned her body around, which had her face away from the hedge, and slid the straps of her bikini top off her arms. Then she turned the bikini around and unclasped it. Free from the contraption, she placed her hands on her breasts, partly to protect them from the hot sun, and partly to shield them from the man’s glances.

I’m not gonna make it that easy…she thought to herself.

Was he still watching? She couldn’t see him now, her back was turned to him. But she could feel his eyes bore into her back.

She shifted her bum around the edge of the chair.

I’m gonna get up and let him see my profile, she decided and with that thought fresh in her head, she stood up before she changed her mind.

Gingerly, she wandered over toward the pool’s edge. The hot sun’s rays increased the perspiration on her skin, and she felt little rivers of sweat run down the middle of her back. Her skin prickled with heat and tension. Simultaneously, she felt similar rivers of moisture dribbling along the inside of her thighs. Her bikini bottoms stuck to her curvy behind and she felt a sudden desire to adjust them over her cheeks.

But she didn’t. He’s getting a show, she reminded herself and continued toward the pool, aware of how her assets must have wiggled. Without the bikini top holding everything in place, she felt the weight of her breasts bounce seductively with every step she took.

When she reached the edge of the pool, she had a decision to make. Either she jumped in right now to cool off immediately. Or, she could head toward the ladder and turn herself around to climb into the pool backwards. This meant she would be facing toward the house, giving the man up there a good view of her topless self.

For a moment, she paused to think. Then, she silently mouthed here goes nothing, suppressed a smile and lowered her head. Her long hair covered her face and hid her expression. This is exactly what she wanted – to feign innocence for the sake of temptation.

She decided to flash him on the ladder.

As she walked over toward the railing, she wondered once more if he was still watching. Should she bring herself to look up and admit she liked playing this naughty little game?

The anticipation was making her tense, and flustered. She wasn’t really used to acting so bold and daring, especially not around men whom she didn’t know that well.

On the other hand, this whole production made her feel incredibly sexy and confident. Besides, this innocent striptease was meant in good fun. No harm was going to come of a little public nudity…

She arrived at the ladder, and finally turned around. Facing the hedge, and the house behind it, she knew would give him a full view of her front.

Pressing her lips together, and aware of her nipples becoming hard and prominent, she placed her hands on the railing and slowly stepped backward into the pool.

With renewed courage, she tossed her long hair off her face and looked directly toward the man on the patio by the house.

But he wasn’t there anymore.

For a moment, she stopped moving. Did he really leave?

Did he go back inside to get more coffee? Had all her elaborate dramatics been in vain?

Realizing how absurd this idea was, she quickly abandoned that thought. Men don’t walk away from naked women, not even for coffee. So where did he go?

She began to feel a little guilty. Here she was, topless, provoking him in her semi-naked state. Did he think she was a little presumptuous with her flamboyant behavior?

Her eyes scanned the top of the hedge and peered through the foliage for a sign of him. His cap, maybe, or a limb…

But she couldn’t see him.

Confused, she gave up the search and turned her attention back to the pool.

The sun was oppressively hot. The water felt refreshing on her legs and made her long to submerge in it. She really needed to cool down the rest of her body.

Letting herself glide into the water, she drifted on her back toward the center of the pool. She felt free and liberated without the bikini top clinging to her.

Almost like skinny dipping, she told herself and closed her eyes while floating around the deep end.

Realizing she liked how good it felt to be almost nude, she considered ditching her bottoms as well.

It’s not like anyone is here, she convinced herself while gently kicking her legs to stay afloat. With a swift motion, she bent her knees and slid out of her bottoms without much trouble. Once they were in her hand, she tossed them onto the deck. They landed with a dull splat right next to the ladder’s railing.

Satisfied, she dove under, and swam the length of the pool.

It was exhilarating, swimming naked and having the whole pool to herself. She swam a few strokes toward the edge of the deep end, splashing with her legs. When she arrived, she reached for the edge and held on while catching her breath. That’s when she suddenly noticed a movement in her peripheral vision.

She turned her head to look.

There he was, standing beside the pool ladder, right next to her wet bikini bottoms.

“Having fun?” he asked, smiling at her.

“Um,” she responded, not sure what to do next. Here she was, naked in the pool in front of a man who was technically a friend, albeit a casual one. “I thought you went back into the house…”

She realized how weak her statement sounded, giving away that she was aware of his presence all along. She bit her lip while remaining close to the pool’s edge and inched her body closer to the pool wall. After all the teasing she did earlier, she suddenly felt a bit shy.

She tried to talk herself into believing that he couldn’t see anything if she kept the front of her body close to the pool wall. This position may shield him from looking at her breasts, which technically she was pretty sure he saw already, but most of her body was now under water. Only her head and arms were visible to him now.

Then there was this little matter of a spout that was spewing water directly at her hip. She didn’t realize the spout was right there when she first noticed him.

“I might join you in there, if that’s ok,” she heard him say as she shifted her body slightly to the left to get away from the distracting spout. Last thing she needed was to feel aroused while nude in a pool with a man who was not her husband.

Somewhat distracted, she looked up toward him again.

What does one say in a situation like this anyway?

“Sure, come on in…” she said, deciding to sound non-nonchalant and agreeable.

She pointed to the bikini bottoms near his feet. “Could you just toss those to me, please?” she added and shot him a pleading look.

“These?” he responded and bent down to pick them up. “You mean these little bikini bottoms here?”

She shot him a look of exasperation.

“You know very well that those are mine,” she said. “And I need them back.”

“You’re a little vixen, you know that,” he told her as he tossed the bottoms in the opposite direction toward her lawn chair instead. “Stripping off your bikini, skinny dipping in plain daylight…”

He trailed off and smiled at her.

She didn’t know how to respond. He was right, she did do that. She did tease, and provoke him with her nudity. But now, she was in this predicament she hadn’t fully thought through, and he was obviously going to take full advantage of the situation.

Despite having moved away from the distracting spout, she felt a tingling between her legs. An uneasy, but tantalizing anticipation. She recognized it as arousal.

Great, she chided herself. Our spouses are at the convention and I’m gallivanting naked in the pool…

Watching him watch her face change, she forced herself to remain stoic. Instead of admitting her own arousal, she decided to let her eyes wander down toward his. She definitely saw something move behind the loose-fitting swim trunks he was wearing.

He watched her eyes scan his body, and when she let her gaze rest at his crotch, he stared at her until she was forced to meet his eyes again.

In defiance, she rolled her eyes at him.

“Just get my bikini” she pleaded again knowing damn well he will absolutely not do that.

He just laughed.

“Nope,” he said. “Can’t do it.”

His eyes scanned the length of the pool.

“I’m going to jump in now, and cool off,” he warned her with a huge grin, and wandered over toward her.

Of course he’s smiling, she thought to herself as she ducked when he took a dive over top of her head. He is going to make me exit the pool, and watch me walk naked to my chair. He has no intention of getting me my bikini back, or a towel…

Fretting about how to get herself out of this self-induced dilemma, she contemplated her options. Refusing to acknowledge him diving around behind her, she remained in place, hugging the wall.

Part of her started to feel a spurt of excitement at being naked with a man who wasn’t her husband. Although they had met before, and maintained a somewhat casual friendship due to their spouses working relationship, this moment here in the pool felt somewhat naughty but not particularly illicit.

Still, she was naked. And he was going to fully milk it to his advantage.

Before she had a chance to come up with a possible exit strategy, she felt him approach her from deep below the surface.

He was behind her, and swimming directly toward her ass.

There was nothing she could do to prevent the inevitable except turn around and meet him head on. May as well face the music, she thought with a sigh, and began to plot her revenge.

Continued here

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    1. I had a muse for this one… 🙂

      I am actually not really a fan of this piece…I really struggled to get the words just right. I may work on a sequel though, we’ll see.

      Thank you for your comments, as always.

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