Tantalizing bikini games continued (part 2)

This is the continuation of Tantalizing bikini games.

She knew at the precise moment she turned around that this was a spectacularly bad idea.

Not only was she nude in the pool, she was with a man she barely knew.

Who, incidentally was not nude.

She held on to the edge of the pool with one arm, kicking her legs to stay afloat, watching with delicious trepidation as his body swam toward hers.

I wonder if he has his eyes closed, she pondered, simultaneously hoping his eyes were open. Arousal welled up from deep within her core as she watched him swim head-first directly toward her pussy.

He’s gonna see I’m shaved down there, she smiled to herself and wondered if she should turn around again and let him crash into her ass instead. But there wasn’t time to adjust her plans; he arrived face first and made contact with her belly, blowing bubbles at the spot just below her belly button, tickling and further arousing her.

He then placed his hands along the pool wall on either side of her head, and leisurely pulled himself up along her body, his lips almost brushing against her wet skin.

Almost, but not quite.

She shivered in anticipation.

Holding her breath at the naughty but welcoming intrusion, she willed him to pause and linger at her breasts. He did, nuzzling briefly at her nipples which made her squirm and suppress a squeal. When he finally came up for air, he kept his face inches from hers, grinning from ear to ear.

“Hi,” he said, staying where he was, essentially trapping her against the wall.

She could feel his crotch graze at her nether region. His swim trunk clad crotch against her slippery, wet, naked body.

Despite the surprise at such close contact, she couldn’t help but return a smile herself. Catching herself though, she quickly rolled her eyes at him and slowly shook her head from side to side.

“I guess I kind of deserve this,” she told him and let go of the wall. Gently, she pushed him off her so she could swim away from him, taking care to keep her naked self with her curvy hills and valleys submerged.

She had come up with an idea of how to pay him back for tossing her bikini bottoms away when she pleaded him to return them to her. She asked him nicely, twice, just minutes ago.

“Can’t do it,” he had said as he flung her bottoms onto her lawn chair, far away from her reach.

Can’t, or won’t? she remembered thinking, knowing he was getting back at her for teasing him earlier.

But now, she needed to get the upper hand, and quick. She didn’t want to remain in the pool all day, and what if her husband called from the convention? Or worse, his wife? How does one explain their current predicament?

She swam a few strokes closer to the shallow end. It was safer there, where she could touch the bottom.

Crouching down to keep her body under water, she glanced at her lawn chair. She moved herself into a kneeling position, gently paddling her hands back and forth in the soothing cool pool water. She stole a glance downward and saw her breasts near the surface, nipples almost above the waves she was creating with her splashing.

Hard, erect, protruding nipples.

She pressed her lips together and considered her next move.

Suddenly, he appeared in front of her.

“I promise to admire you all the way to the chair if you want to go get your bikini,” he told her earnestly, then allowed a chuckle to escape.

She stared at him silently.

“Seriously, though,” he continued. “You have a beautiful body, there’s no reason to be shy.”

“I’m not shy,” she responded smugly even though she really was. But she wasn’t going to admit that to him now. She looked toward the chair and calculated in her head how many steps it would take for her to get there.

Many, many steps, she realized. But she continued feigning her self-confidence.

“I’m perfectly fine getting out of this pool and walking back to my chair. I just don’t want to right now.”

She turned to flash him a smile and splashed him right into his face. Catching him off guard, she reached out to hook her hands into his swim trunks to pull at them. But he must have anticipated this because he caught her wrists in his own hands and held her there.

She looked at him, his face inches away from her. Was he mad?

But he was still smiling.

“Very funny,” he told her, hanging on to her wrists. “If you want see something, maybe you can try asking?”

He winked at her and let go of her wrists, inadvertently brushing the backs of his hands against her taunting nipples.

She felt it and bit her lip when it happened. Her pussy clenched involuntarily and she wondered if she was getting wet down there by her own juices. Is it possible to get wet ‘down there’ in a pool?

She wanted to reach down and explore with her fingers, but held back. Instead, she looked straight into his eyes. There was something there, hovering between them, something electric and chemical. She never noticed it before, when they saw each other in public at various social functions which they sometimes attended with their respective spouses.

But now, they were in a pool together, she nude, him almost, after she provoked him with her strip tease. That was a lot of build-up, and anticipation, from their antics in the pool, she told herself. Interesting how she finally let him touch her.

Well, sort of, she thought. Was she hoping for more?

She resigned herself to the fact that she was responsible for this scene; maybe, in some perplexing way, she wanted the attention he was giving her. She began to like the way she felt with him, and didn’t want it to stop.

She suddenly yearned for more of his touch. An overwhelming urge to grab him and press herself against him rose up along with her arousal between her legs. She knew she needed to get away from him quick, before she did something rash they would both regret later.

Still, the moment in time felt nice, if a little surreal. There was no one around. They were alone. She was naked in a pool with a man which felt liberating and tantalizing…

He was kneeling in front of her watching her face. They stared at each other for a moment, lost in their own private thoughts.

Neither moved. Then, when he spoke, she had to strain to hear him.

“I want to touch you,” he said.

His quiet voice surprised her a little, after all the playful banter earlier. Returning his look, she pondered how to respond.

“I know,” she finally admitted. “So do I.”

They continued to stare at each other, arms floating on the surface, kneeling in the shallow end of the pool.

“No one needs to know…” he continued, but trailed off.

Well, we’re both thinking that, she thought to herself. Only he actually said it out loud.

She leaned forward into the water directly next to him, and began to swim a few strokes toward a deeper part of the pool where she could still touch the ground while remaining submerged. She noticed him following her. She swam toward the edge.

Turning herself so her back was against the pool wall, feet touching the ground but her body covered by the transparent liquid, she stood and waited.

He wasn’t far behind. When he reached her, he once again placed his body directly in front of her and gripped the edge of the pool on either side of her head.

She looked at him and waited. Should she touch him first? His waist, maybe, where she could pull him closer?

But he had other ideas. Still staring into her eyes she could feel his hands reach toward her chest. Lightly, his fingers brushed against her nipples, circling them. She could feel herself react with goosebumps and her own little feminine erections.

Biting her lip, she reached for his waist, then slid her hands up along his chest. Feeling the definition of the male body along her palms sent all kinds of conflicting currents into her loins, and seemed to encourage him on his journey as well.

His hands, open and cupping her breasts now, caressed her body downward, along her waist and hips. Given that she was nude, and he wasn’t, added an naughty thrill to their game that felt both welcoming and inappropriate.

Feels nice to be touched, she thought as she let him explore her outer thighs, wondering if she should invite him to explore her further inwards. Should she part her legs slightly, to give him access?

He must have had similar thoughts about their illicit little game because he did stroke her thighs but stopped short of probing into her lips. His hands lightly caressed her mons instead, evoking a slight widening of his eyes when he realized she was shaven bare down there.

“You shave?” he whispered close to her face. His breath felt hot on her cheeks.

Nodding her affirmation she allowed her hands to trace his arms down to his hands, resting there as he explored her. His right hand was on her pussy now, his left touching the curves or her naked behind.

She closed her eyes and sighed.

“Maybe we should stop, “she said. She was suddenly overcome with guilt.

At her urging, he stopped immediately and removed his hands. She grazed the front of his swim trunks and flashed him a quick smile.

I gave him a nice erection, she thought to herself and slid past him back into the deep end. Swimming to the pool ladder, she braced herself for the inevitable stares that would follow her as soon as she would climbed out of the pool.

She knew he was going to watch her ass, and although part of her felt a little uncomfortable about being scrutinized, or maybe admired, she convinced herself that he was distracted by his boner and not interested in a bit of extra cushioning.

So what if I jiggle a bit, she reassured herself. Men like this sort of thing.

And with that thought, she took a breath in, gripped the railing, and climbed out of the pool while he watched.

Continued here

14 thoughts on “Tantalizing bikini games continued (part 2)

      1. I might need a muse…lol

        I have many things brewing in my head. But now you got me thinking…I’ll see. Perhaps these two lovers-wannabes may encounter some new opportunities in the future.

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      2. That’s a very good idea. From reading your erotica, I can see you like teasing stories. I just so happen to love a good arousing tease. Gosh, your story had me so hugely aroused, if you can imagine it. Is that a good muse for you, lol?

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