More tantalizing bikini games (part 3)

She was keenly aware of how he watched her climb out of the pool, naked and dripping wet.

She never considered herself an exhibitionist before, but here she was acting like one.

I’m the one who initiated this whole scene, she reminded herself. I stripped and teased him, knowing he was watching. 

When he suddenly left, she felt both disappointment and relief. Ultimately, she wasn’t expecting company when she decided to skinny dip in the pool.

Except, he didn’t leave, did he. Somehow they ended up in the pool together…

She shook her head at herself while continuing her journey toward her lawn chair. It puzzled her how long it was taking to reach the chair. She didn’t remember it being so far away from the pool.

What did she get herself into? What was she thinking, skinny dipping with a man whom she barely knew?

I did give him a hard-on, she recalled as she finally approached the lawn chair and grabbed her beach towel to wrap around her body. She wasn’t going to prolong her nudity while he lounged in the pool watching her jiggle and bounce all over the place.

Her bikini top was still where she left it when she provoked him with her little strip tease earlier. And the bikini bottoms were still there too, in a sad, wet pile on the ground beside the chair where he tossed them. She smiled at the memory of how she peeled them off in the pool, thinking she was alone, and how he suddenly appeared. How he picked them up and taunted her with them by refusing to return them to her. How he tossed them away from her, instead of toward her in the pool. And how that simple action turned into a drawn-out, erotic play session between them.

She rolled her eyes at herself at the memory. It was her own fault for inviting him to participate in her games. Which is why she was now in this predicament: bikini-less, wet, and being watched by a man who was not her husband.

They had gone further than she expected while fooling around in the pool. There was a lot of…proximity. And touching, if she was completely honest with herself. Not to mention all sorts of wishful thinking…

Shivering at the thought of what could have happened, but didn’t, reminded her that she was, technically, still naked. And that he was still watching her.

Should she reignite the feeling from earlier? Should she continue with her temptations? What did she expect to happen if she did persist with their erotic little game?

Did she trust him, or herself, enough to stop before things got out of hand?

She turned to glance at the man in the pool, her friend’s husband. He was paddling around the deep end, occasionally casting a glance toward her and smiling smugly.

It didn’t feel right now, to continue teasing him. Besides, having to bend over and put a wet bikini on would require all kinds of awkward gymnastics, and she wasn’t that ready to display her body to him in that way.

He saw enough, she thought to herself.

He even touched me…she recalled, suddenly feeling modest and shy.

Casting another quick glance toward the pool while clutching her bikini in front of her chest, she returned the smile.

“Later,” she called and disappeared around the hedge and up the path back to the house. She was going to take a shower, and maybe run the pool scene through her head one more time.

* * *

After showering, and shaving all her feminine spots extra carefully, she dried herself while contemplating if she should try out her new adult toy.

She was still distracted and aroused, and it would be hours before her husband would return.

There wasn’t much else to do, she thought tentatively.

Leaving her towel wrapped around her body, she sat down on the bed and stared at her suitcase. The little vibrator she had bought recently was hidden inside a dress and stuffed into a corner of her suitcase. Should she take it out now?

She had hesitated bringing it along on this trip, but changed her mind on a whim when she saw her husband’s schedule. Based on all the work commitments he had been allocated, she figured she’ll be spending quite some time on her own.

Why not practice a little self-love, she had tried to convince herself at the time while packing her bag. Just until he gets back to me…

Now, she sat there in their AirBnB and stared at her suitcase.

Now is as good a time as any to try it out, she figured. She was still all tingly from the pool events earlier.

Closing her eyes, she reminisced how her friend’s husband nuzzled at her nipples while still submerged in the pool. How he trapped her along the wall, and how he grazed her body with his crotch.

So playful, she remembered. So fun…

Biting her lip, she remembered his gaze when she climbed out of the pool and walked to her lawn chair, nude and exposed.

Sighing at how the whole pool scenario made her feel, she turned her attention back to her box hidden in her suitcase.

The toy, a G-spot vibrator, was small, and had a quiet motor, something she was keen on when searching through the website’s selections. She couldn’t believe how many varieties there were, and at one point contemplated answering the chat box that opened and offered help.

Should she tell some random sales person she wasn’t experienced with toys?

In the end, she shopped for the device that was recommended for beginners, and focused on penetration, vibration and G-spot stimulation.

When it arrived in a ordinary, plain box, she hid it, wanting to experiment with it first before telling her husband about it. Or inviting him to play along with it, maybe, at some point later on…

But then life happened, and she forgot all about the toy. When this trip came up, she decided she may as well bring it along since here, she was on vacation and may have more time than back home.

She got up quickly, dug the box out of her suitcase and unwrapped it from the casual dress she had used to camouflage it with. Then, she sat down on the bed again and considered opening it. Maybe it came with an instruction booklet. Probably it needed batteries, or charging, before she could use it.

“What’s in the box,” she suddenly heard a male voice.

Startled, she looked up at the door. Didn’t she close it when she came out of the shower?

A figure was standing in the doorway and looking at her through the crack. Guess she didn’t completely close the door…she wondered if she did this subconsciously, or if there was a part of her that was more daring than she used to be.

Clutching her towel close to her so it won’t drop off her body, she got up and walked toward the door.

“Hi,” she said. “Are you stalking me?”

“No,” he said.” Our room is past yours, and I just happened to notice the door was ajar.”

He smiled at her and glanced toward the bed.

She followed his eyes and saw the box sitting there. Luckily for her, it was nondescript and didn’t give the contents away.

“Nothing, just something I brought from home,” she answered and stared at him.

He knows, she thought by looking at his face, and suddenly felt her own face flush.

I wonder what he knows about women’s sex toys, she pondered, thinking that maybe his wife, her friend, had a secret life she didn’t know much about.

They stood there in silence, one on either side of the door, waiting for the other to say something. She decided to interrupt the silence before it got awkward.

“Look, I’m gong to get dressed, and then maybe head into town for lunch. Do you feel like grabbing something to eat someplace?”

She tried to sound nonchalantly and waited patiently for him to answer. She figured he’ll probably say yes – men tend to like food about as much as sex, and right now, food was the more realistic, immediate, occasion than any more sexual play with her.

“Ok, sure, sounds like a plan,” he finally responded. Satisfied, she closed the door and started getting ready to go out to lunch with the man who saw her naked today.

To be continued…here


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