Special delivery

For days she’s been anxiously awaiting the delivery truck. She was expecting a package and wanted to be home when it was delivered.

No one else should know about it.

Every day she consulted her delivery app. Would it come today? She didn’t think they were updating it regularly as it continued to be shown as ‘in process’.

One day she had appointments out of the house and hesitantly left part of her family home alone. Would the delivery people knock on the door? Would they require a signature?

She hoped not. The website did indicate the packaging would be discreet but still. She didn’t really want a family member to receive this package on her behalf.

While she was out, she forgot all about the expected package. But when she got home, she immediately checked to see if there was a box in front of the closed door.

There was not.

Disappointed, she went on with her day, thinking maybe tomorrow the package would be delivered.

Later that night, while tidying up some outdoor things, she came upon the mailbox, and opened it. It was stuffed full of the usual: flyers and bills. But there was a package in there as well, wrapped in a white plastic bag.

Usually the packages were delivered to the front door, not left in the mailbox.

She took it out and glanced at the address. That’s when she noticed it was addressed to her.

Could this be the package she’d been expecting?

The packaging around the box did not indicate which company it came from, which led her to believe that yes, this was indeed her order.

It had finally arrived.

She took it inside and hid it in a drawer in her bedroom without unpacking it. Looking around the house, she realized there would be little chance for privacy now. There were family and pets everywhere.

But she was so curious. She really just wanted to have a look at it. Could she sneak a look without being caught?

She decided she was going to make time for herself.

I never have time to myself, she reassured herself. I deserve a few minutes alone.

She directed some of the family to finish up some chores, others to feed the dogs and let them out, and returned to the bedroom to take her package out of its hiding spot. Then she escaped into the bathroom.

She brought her housecoat with her, because of the pockets. Her phone and the package were slipped unobtrusively into the deep pockets and she managed to smuggle both into the bathroom without incident.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she locked the door and turned on the fan.

Then she closed the lid of the toilet, sat down and placed the package on her lap.

Carefully, she tore open the nondescript packaging and revealed a sleek, black box.

She stared at the box for a while. A delicious anticipation swept over her.

Her first sex toy.

How did she arrive at this place where she wanted to experiment with a sexual device? A fancy one like this, no less?

Running her hand along the shiny, black cover of her box, she willed herself to lift off the lid.

Pressing her lips together and straining to listened for noise outside the door, she wondered where the family was.

They didn’t appear to be nearby, so she glanced down feeling a bit more relaxed, opened the box and looked at its contents.

There it was, her new toy. Slim, slightly curved, in a deep, purple colour – her very own vibrating G-spot stimulator.

She took it out of the box and turned it around in her hands, feeling its smooth curves and the rounded tip.

On the side, there was a type of design that looked like a long stripe made out of white, shiny plastic. Did it have a function?

She tried to remember what the review had said about this device.

‘Easy to use with only one button.’ Something like this, she thought.

Turning the toy upside down, she searched for the button. There was a small circular spot at one end, so she ran her thumb over it.

Immediately, the device started to buzz and flash a neon light through the stripe at her.

She was so startled she almost dropped it.

Straining to hear if the buzzing attracted attention to some family members, she desperately tried to get the buzzing to stop. But each time she pressed the button, the buzzing changed to a different vibration, and so did the light: first blue with a rhythmic buzzing, then red with a pulsing rhythm, green stimulated a thrusting of sorts…

“How do I make it stop!” she asked herself in a whisper and looked for an instruction pamphlet in the box.

There was one, just a little card with a few points, translated into four languages.

Thank goodness the instructions aren’t long, she thought to herself as she opened the pamphlet.

Quickly she read the text and discovered that she needed to hold the button down for three consecutive seconds for it to stop buzzing.

Relieved, she tried it and when it worked, she exhaled loudly.

At that exact moment, there was a determined knock on the door. Someone was calling her.

She felt her heart beat faster as she struggled to place her device back in its box. Can’t they leave her alone for a few minutes? Not even in the bathroom?

She managed to place her device back in the box without dropping it and hid it back in her housecoat which she had hung on a hook.

Only then did the open the door.

Playtime will have to wait for a more opportune time, she thought to herself and took her housecoat and opened the door.

2 thoughts on “Special delivery

  1. Ha! Great one. You captured the panic, excitement, and awkwardness of ordering and then somehow managing to actually use a new sex toy in the midst of a household. Funny. I remember at least once trying to make damn sure I was home to get to the package first. ; P

    Liked by 1 person

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