Erotic alliance

He’s lying on his bed, distracted. He’s thinking about a picture of a woman in a tight nighty that was sent to his email inbox.

His wife turns over and looks at him. Maybe she sensed it, his distraction. Women have a way of knowing when men are wanton for sex.

Then again, men are always wanton for sex.

Watching his face, she smiles. Then, she lowers his boxers and takes him into her hand.

He’s already hard. Her eyes widen and he smiles at her.

She’s gonna stroke me, he thinks to himself as she starts sliding her fingers up and down his shaft.

He closes his eyes and lets out an encouraging sigh.

Keeping his eyes closed, the image from the email returns. He’s never met her, the woman in the picture, but they share a harmlessly clandestine secret.

His wife continues stroking him, feeling him pulse and twitch in her hand.

Don’t stop, he pleads silently as the picture in his head reappears.

The woman in the tight nighty, staring at him through the screen, displays her curvy bosom as a way to tease and provoke. He finds himself seduced by the image and begins to wonder what she looks like without the nighty.

What she looks like naked.

The strokes on his cock increase in speed and pressure. His wife knows just what to do, and he lets himself ride the waves of his increasing arousal. It won’t be long now…

Perhaps it’s time to up the ante, he thinks as he imagines his own hands removing the nighty off the woman in the email.

And with that, he climaxes all over his lovely wife.




8 thoughts on “Erotic alliance

    1. Well yes I would love that too but we’re in the apocalypse now and there’s family constantly around interrupting my juicy thoughts… 🙂

      Thank you. I have several pieces I’m close to publishing.

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  1. I used to dream of having a man WANT to touch me and desire me. I never really knew how that would actually play out at the time as I had never experienced anything like that. I know I felt that if I did go deeper I would be “unfaithful “…but how I used to wonder. My husband was not being “faithful ” to me by denying me his attention… it was a conundrum for me.

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    1. That’s a great way of putting it. There are many sexually incompatible people unfortunately. But now, you know what it’s like. Your blog describes your happiness very well.


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