Seductive torment in the cabin

This is the continuing story of Alexandra and Andrew, two platonic friends succumbing to curiosity, desire and sexual tension. To read this story in consecutive order, start here: part 1, part 2, part 3.

* * *

While Andrew continued his torturous play between her legs, Alexandra placed her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. He shifted his position slightly to allow for her to hang on to him as she buckled and twitched under his touch. Just as she felt a wave of approaching orgasm roll through her, Andrew removed his fingers and touched them to his lips. He took a deep breath in and closed his eyes.

Alexandra watched in fascination. This was a man who hungered for her in ways she never encountered before.

When Andrew opened his eyes again he stared at her and placed his fingers, wet with her juices, in front of her lips.

“Taste yourself,” he commanded her.

Although Alexandra wasn’t completely surprised, his expectation shocked her somewhat. He knew she wasn’t the most adventurous person in sexual matters; they had had enough conversations about it in recent weeks, so she knew he was trying to push her boundaries a little.

Given her pre-orgasmic edge just now, Alexandra found herself so immersed in the moment she didn’t even consider refusing. Besides, she was curious. What did she taste like? The men who love to lick wet pussy go crazy over this sort of thing…

Alexandra stared at Andrew and took his hand into her own. With a sly smile, which earned her one in return, she brought his moist fingers closer to her lips. Slowly sticking out her tongue she licked his middle and index fingers from the bottom up toward the tips, keeping her eyes open and fixed on Andrew.

Andrew in the meantime stared at her with an intense expression on his face, mixed with a bit of surprise that she was willing without trepidation to experiment a little.

Did he think I was going to refuse? Alexandra pondered.

Over the past few months, Andrew had expressed just how disillusioned he had become with the dating scene recently. They talked openly about their sexual encounters and it was clear that he had a much broader experience than she did. Licking and sucking hadn’t been something Alexandra had much practice in, which Andrew found incredulous.

“How many men have you been with?” he had asked her. She told him it had been about a dozen in two decades, but that one bad experience involving a blowjob had turned her off of that particular activity. She was not sure though if her explanation had convinced Andrew that she wasn’t that experienced.

But now, Andrew was watching Alexandra closely as she licked her juice off his two fingers, and when she placed her mouth over both and sucked them clean, she felt his body tense up.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” she told him with an impish smile. Encouraged, Andrew in turn kissed her, and as they continued their embrace, she could feel his hands tug at her top.

“I want you naked,” he growled into her mouth, caressing her skin below her clothes. “I wanna taste you,” he continued before stopping himself. Taking in a breath, he took a step away from her and stood still.

Alexandra waited. Why the interruption?

“Let’s get the fires going first,” he suggested. “In both rooms. Maybe get the clothes in the washer. Then we can relax and explore all night without freezing to death.”

He smiled at her when he mentioned the cold in the cabin, which was going to be a problem as night fell and the temperatures continued to dip.

Alexandra nodded in agreement and adjusted her jeans back into place. She reflected on some of the erotic stories she had read that described what edging and denial was like. The people who were sexually teased and tormented without allowing to orgasm would find their libido surged dramatically over time. She wondered if Andrew was denying her, and himself, on purpose, or if the practicalities of their immediate situation really played a factor.

She looked around the bathroom and noticed a shelf with clean, folded towels. Andrew followed her gaze, then told her he was going to get the fire started.

“We can shower, or take a bath after,” he said as he approached the door.

“I’ll get our supplies,” Alexandra responded, remembering that they picked up a few things in town before driving to the cabin. They didn’t know how long this winter storm was going to last and figured, a few provision and personal supplies might come in handy.

Then, they both took a deep breath in and separated to get to their respective chores.

To be continued…

More about Alexandra and Andrew here.

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