The torrid weekend that was

Continued from Shopping for men.

Alexandra stared at the notification in her app. One of the men she scrolled onto had contacted her.

Oh my god, what have I done, Alexandra worried. Then, her eyes glanced at the clock on her phone. Almost 11, I have to work tomorrow, she thought to herself as she pondered what to do.

Frankly, she wasn’t going to get herself all worked up tonight. She didn’t want to go to sleep worrying about what she’d done, or what sort of lunatic she may have attracted via this dating app. Better wait for tomorrow, she told herself. She needed a clear head to tackle this app, and its men.

Alexandra decided to go to sleep and shut her phone off. This would prevent her from doing something dumb, like text some stranger in the middle of the night. She set her phone on her night table, plugged it into the charger, and turned to face away from it. Then she tried to fall asleep.

How does one fall asleep when one’s heartbeat is this elevated, she pondered, trying to calm herself. She searched her mind for something pleasant to fantasize about and took a deep breath in.

Andrew. Maybe she could think about Andrew, her friend who wanted to be more than friends, and then didn’t.

Alexandra sighed and shut that idea down quickly too. Andrew took up too much space in her head and heart to consider at the moment, and besides, he’d been out of reach and touch for weeks now; she suspected he had moved on, or maybe hooked up with some previous floosie he dated and claimed to like or love.

Whatever, Alexandra sighed and shut him out of her her head. Let him figure out his drama with his women.

She decided to think further back and bring up another memory, one of a man she met while away on a business trip over a year ago. He was the first, and only man who introduced her to sexual possibilities she had never known before. Should she think about him now? Would that calm her down or get her all frustrated again?

Ultimately, she decided it couldn’t hurt to reminisce a little about someone who made a deep and lasting impression on her.

His name was Hugh. She remembered the first time she saw him. The hotel where her conference was being held had a sudden emergency which sounded alarms and sent everyone outside while the fire and tactile units came to deal with the trouble. Seems there was a suspicious package left somewhere and they were worried it contained explosives, or some perpetrator was still inside, maybe taking hostages.

It ended up being a hoax, but the tactile unit remained on scene until the forensic professionals removed the package safely. It was then when she saw him. He was standing with his crew near a van, in full protective gear, waiting for further instructions.

At the time, Alexandra had stood apart from some of her colleagues, taking that moment to check in with her kids. They were in another time zone so she wanted to reach out and see if they would have a quick chat with her since she wasn’t currently working.

Sitting on a ledge in the sunny, spring-like conditions, the Pacific ocean sparkling across the park with the coastal mountains rising beyond, Alexandra enjoyed the nature’s scenery despite the initial chaos when the alarm went off. The kids didn’t answer which caused her to gaze at the ocean. When she looked up, she saw one of the tactile officers looking at her, and they made eye contact.

It was the strangest thing. They locked eyes and stared at each other from at least 50 feet away…it was hard to see his expression, but there was this instant attraction. That experience left Alexandra somewhat discombobulated for the remainder of the day.

After the day was over, she joined some of her colleagues at a local sports bar for dinner and drinks. It was there where she saw him again. He came in with another guy, whom she later found out was a member of his unit. The two cops sat down at the bar to check out the game on one of the television screens.

The only reason Alexandra noticed him entering the bar is because two of her female colleagues made some lewd remarks. She didn’t think they knew that the two men were part of the police tactile unit that was tending to the hotel emergency earlier. But Alexandra recognized him instantly. She stayed silent and remained focused on the conversation going on around her, rather than glancing in the direction of the off-duty cops.

Later, as she emerged from the rest room and stopped off to chat with another colleague, she felt a presence behind her. When she turned, he was there, looking at her. He introduced himself and they exchanged names and pleasantries. After a while, he asked her if he could buy her a drink, and motioned for them to sit apart from the general crowd, in a booth near a window.

The way he stared at her made Alexandra feel completely absorbed, almost weak. His eyes were so blue…

She didn’t remember when they left together, but they both felt a little irritated at the rowdy noise coming from the other patrons. The booze flowed and the atmosphere turned louder. Hugh had asked her if she wanted to head to the little bakery across the street for dessert, where it was a bit quieter and they could talk some more.

Alexandra felt her colleague’s eyes on her back as she left the bar with Hugh, but she didn’t care. She was mesmerized and completely smitten. She felt like a school girl, and given his profession, she also felt completely safe walking away with a man she only met a half hour ago.

They had a lovely time at the dessert place, where he let her pick a chocolate cake with raspberry and whip cream. He asked for two forks and they shared the dessert like they were some long-lost lovers. Alexandra didn’t look left or right, and neither did Hugh. There was this incredible chemistry between them.

So unusual, she thought now as she was reminded of the feeling while lolling in bed, trying to fall asleep. This stuff doesn’t usually happen in real life.

But it did happen. Alexandra ended up letting him take her back to her hotel room, and even allowed him into her room. As soon as they were inside, he pinned her to the door and they made out like teenagers. Except, it wasn’t like teenagers, it was…different. Seductive, not sloppy. Exploratory, not boorish. There was a sense of urgency, and he did have wandering hands, but she didn’t feel like she was going to end up bent over furniture in the next ten minutes.

They broke apart after a while, and stared at each other some more. It was at that moment when they both realized neither knew if the other was married. Not everyone who is in a relationship wears a telltale sign like a ring, Alexandra knew. She had taken hers off after a bout of eczema on her hands and due to her problems with her spouse at the time, never bothered putting them back on. Her spouse never wore a ring either, saying it interfered with his job.

Hugh didn’t have any jewellery on, leaving the question of his relationship status open ended.

There was a moment when they thought they might give in to temptation and jump into bed. But Hugh offered instead to take her out for dinner the next evening, after work, so Alexandra said yes. She was, in fact, done with her seminar by 3 pm and they decided on a walk by the pier before heading into a little bistro he knew to have dinner. He said goodbye and left, promising to check in with her in the morning.

Alexandra barely slept a wink. She felt incredibly distracted and wished she had brought her toy with her. But she couldn’t even read erotic stories or watch porn, she was just too preoccupied. She kept reliving his kiss, their kiss, over and over again until she finally must have fallen asleep.

The next morning, it took a lot of coffee and a lot of concentration to get through work, and the seminar in the afternoon. When it finally finished, she went into the shower, and dressed up in her little black, semi-casual dress. She always brought that along on her trips; she can dress it up, or down.

Out there on the west coast it was warmer than back east, so she decided to forgo the tights and left her legs bare. She hoped she wouldn’t be cold later, simultaneously anticipating that cold temperatures were not going to be an issue.

She threw a few supplies into her bigger purse, predicting she may need access to some of them later. Or the next day, if things went as she thought they might.

Hugh texted her when he got to the hotel and she suggested she meet him by his car rather than have him come up to pick her up. She didn’t want her colleagues gossiping any more than they did earlier today. He agreed and when they met in the parking lot, they greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek. She left her bag in his car, and they wandered off together on foot.

The walk along the pier was lovely. They sat on a bench and chatted easily, getting to know one another a little. She told him about her kids, and about her on again, off again relationship with their dad. He told her he was divorced but had two kids from two relationships, the second one was a two years old girl. His older son was the same age as Alexandra’s son, a young teen.

They went to dinner at a seafood bistro and wandered the pier some more afterwards. They even got ice cream for dessert.

As the evening progressed, Hugh offered to take her back to his place. Without elaborating, she knew that they would have sex.

He lived in a boutique condo with a view of the ocean. He pointed out his balcony on the third floor and she noticed he kept a few plants.

When they arrived at his door, he unlocked it and they stepped inside. Like the day before in her hotel room, he once again started kissing her while she had her back to the door. This time though, they knew they weren’t going to stop, and it wasn’t long before he sank to his knees and lifted her dress.

To be continued.

More about Alexandra and Andrew here.

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