Three at the condo

Premise: Liz and Jack’s first trip away as a couple. (This is a prelude to Bound and Edged, which came later.)


Jack was lying there, spent. Liz smiled and watched him roll his eyes at her.

“I get it, you’re not tired,” he said, chuckling.

“Nope,” she responded and smiled at him.

Earlier, when he was on top of her, she was completely submitted. He liked missionary. He pinned her on the bed, held her arms above her head, controlled every thrust. Each time he slid into her, he went deeper. Pulling out a little further every time, he made her squirm and thrash around. He enjoyed teasing her, bringing her closer to the edge this way.

Jack dominated every move, just the way Liz wanted. He controlled the pace, the depth, the angle, her.

She wrapped her legs around his waist to bring him closer. She stared into his eyes, willing him to return her look. Did he notice how much she liked being restrained like this? He must, she thought. He’s keeping me pinned.

Liz wasn’t usually vocal during sex; then again, she hadn’t had sex like this before. But with Jack, she couldn’t help herself. With Jack she breathed heavily, whimpered noisily and moaned loudly. The building tension throughout her body, and especially between her legs, allowed her a freedom she wasn’t that familiar with. With Jack, she didn’t feel shy or inhibited. All she focused on was the imminent contractions between her legs.

Afterwards, while lying there in post-coital bliss, she wanted to do it again. She wanted Jack to make her feel like this repeatedly. She felt like she finally woke up from her repression.

Liz turned toward Jack and touched his chest. She let her hand wander around a bit, stroked his stomach, then his thighs. He smiled.

Seems he wouldn’t mind doing it again, either, she thought.

Liz pondered whether she should go down on him, but decided to use her hand first. She told Jack before that she wasn’t that expedienced with oral sex, and he told her not to worry, he would teach her. But for now, she started stroking him with her hand, slowly at first, then a little faster.

After a while, he reacted predictably. She felt his shaft harden and rise.

I’ll suck him off later, Liz thought. Maybe in the shower. Or after the shower.

The pre-cum on his tip felt warm and sticky. Liz touched it and rubbed her fingers together. Then, she put some between her nether lips, not that she needed any extra lubrication. She was already wet again.

“Stay on your back,” she told Jack as she lifted her leg over him. She watched him closely as she straddled him, then placed her hand around his rigid cock. With a sly smile, she led him to her entrance, slick with moisture and anticipation. Jack reached for her hips and slowly guided himself into her warm, wet tunnel. Once again, he began his journey into her, watching her stretch and adjust to his girth.

Smiling down at him, she encouraged him to impale her fast and deep. But Jack didn’t want to speed things up. He loved the slow dance of their bodies, playing with her arousal and coaxing her into submission.

Liz enjoyed how Jack watched her sway her body atop of him. He let her take the lead, enjoying the view from his angle. He pulled her hips closer toward him, then let his hand roam her curves. Her breasts, full and warm, bounced as she rocked her body back and forth.

Liz closed her eyes and tuned into his touch. She loved his hands on her.

Jacks hands traveled to her nipples. They were hard and erect, just the way he liked them. Liz yearned for him to suck on them.

He will, she thought, anticipating his mouth on her in due course.

Her arousal intensified as she leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest. Mesmerized, Liz stared into Jack’s eyes. He returned her gaze and grabbed her hips while she rocked and swayed.

This is lovemaking, Liz pondered. This isn’t just fucking…

Suddenly, they heard something, an external noise which interrupted them. Liz stopped swaying and looked at the wall above the headboard. She didn’t really want to stop, but the strange noise hindered her flow.

There it was again; it sounded like a squeak. She froze, suspended above Jack but still impaled, concentrating on the sound.

It seemed to come from the bedroom door directly behind her. Someone must have opened it. She could feel it more than hear it, like a peripheral activity that wasn’t part of the immediate scene.

Liz looked back down at Jack’s face. He looked surprised too. She felt relieved. If Jack was surprised, it meant it wasn’t likely that he planned this interruption. Would he do that, invite someone into their bedroom behind her back, without consulting her first?

Liz didn’t think so, but she wasn’t completely sure. She knew Jack had a kinky gene; they talked about it occasionally. Jack mentioned some fetishes, which increased Liz’s curiosity about sex and all its possibilities. A whole new world had opened up with Jack, one she had missed out on during her vanilla years of marriage. One she didn’t even know she desired until recently. Until she met Jack.

Liz watched Jack’s eyes shift away from her bouncing breasts past her, toward the door. The noise definitely came from the door. She watched his eyes move and focus on someone approaching their bed.

When she looked up and to her right, she saw Johnny standing beside them, smiling at her.

Johnny was a new friend they made on this trip. Jack and Liz were attending a convention nearby, which gave them an opportunity to take their relationship to the next level. For Liz, this trip was the perfect opportunity to be free and unencumbered. As a single mom of teenagers, it was difficult to find privacy, so when her boss offered her an opportunity to attend this out-of-town conference, she gladly accepted and promptly invited Jack to come along.

They had just begun dating a few weeks ago, but Liz felt really connected to Jack and looked forward to extending her trip into a mini vacation. Jack made arrangements to have dinner at a local eatery with live music after the convention ended, which is where they met Johnny. They hit it off, and he promptly invited them to a party at his downtown condo the following night.

Liz initially expressed concern about going to a stranger’s place, but Jack assured her he would keep her safe. He said Johnny was a good apple, and when they arrived at his penthouse for the party and met some of his friends, she relaxed. She trusted Jack’s instincts.

Later, Johnny offered them a guest room to spend the night in. The room had an ensuite bathroom; they both appreciated the privacy, so they gladly accepted.

But now, Johnny was standing in their room beside their bed, staring at Liz. She wondered if he had been watching them have sex, or at least heard them through the closed door.

She suddenly realized she was naked with Jack’s cock lodged inside of her. Liz panicked for a moment. How does one react in a situation like this? Should she maintain eye contact with their uninvited guest? Or should she reach for the sheet on the bed and cover herself?

Instinctively, Liz reached for the crumbled bed sheet behind her, next to Jack’s leg and tried to pull it up to cover herself. But the sheet was partly stuck under her lover, and she wasn’t able to dislodge it enough to cover her upper body. As she wiggled around to gain better access to the trapped sheet, she could feel Jack’s cock slip deeper into her. Liz bit her lip and threw a glance at Johnny, who stood frozen in place and stared at her. It was only then when she realized he had a couple of bottles of water in his hands.

Liz sighed and briefly contemplated sliding off Jack. But he kept his hands on her hips, keeping her in place. The sheet covered part of her legs and thighs, but left her breasts exposed and swinging. She was keenly aware that both men were inspecting her body, albeit from different angles. She rolled her eyes at herself and waited and see what would happen next.

Johnny chuckled as he walked over to the bedside table and placed the water bottles beside the lamp.

Liz kept her hands on Jack’s chest while Johnny dealt with the water bottles. She glanced at Jack below her, noticing how he pressed his lips together as if to stop himself from grinning. Although he wasn’t moving, Liz could feel him twitch inside of her, growing bigger.

She realized this whole thing was turning him on.

“Don’t let me stop you,” Johnny suddenly spoke into the silence when he turned and faced the two lovers.

Liz shifted her body slightly. She didn’t know what to do. Her new friend was standing there watching her while she was impaled by another man.

“I thought you guys might be a little thirsty,” Johnny continued and smiled at Liz. His eyes never left her body; he wasn’t interested in Jack. She could see him scan her body down toward her legs, which were not completely covered by the sheet.

“Hah…” She managed to say. She kept looking at him, wondering about his next move.

“Why don’t you remove the sheet,” Johnny encouraged her, taking a step closer.

“Let me look at you,” he whispered, stopping directly next to her.

“Uh…” Liz uttered. It seemed she couldn’t speak properly at the moment.

Liz clutched at the sheet at her thighs and fretted about a potential threesome. She didn’t have personal experienced with this sort of kink, but knew enough to know what was expected. Is this why Johnny was here now? Did he discuss this with Jack before? What exactly was happening, right now?

Liz took a breath in and glanced back down at Jack. He raised his eyebrows but stayed silent.

Maybe he didn’t, she assured herself. Probably not.

She wondered if he’d lose his erection if their current predicament continued for much longer. Wasn’t he a little nervous? Or worried?

Lost in her thoughts, Liz wiggled around a little more, aware of how full she felt.

It doesn’t feel like he’s losing his erection, she thought after a while. Quite the opposite…

Aware that Johnny was still standing beside them, she shifted herself a little more. She could feel Jack continue to twitch inside of her.

“Ok,” she utter quietly, looking directly at Johnny. Clearly, he wasn’t going away. “But don’t forget to shut the door on your way out, after.”

Jesus Christ, she thought after she spoke. What was happening to her? But as promised, she pulled the sheet off herself completely and let both men look at her naked form, sitting up a little straighter. She even let her arms fall beside her so as not to obstruct their view of her breasts.

Liz came to realize that being naked in front of not just one, but two men, was highly arousing. She looked at Johnny when she heard him take in a breath, whose gaze inevitably went to her junction. It was obvious that he could see she wasn’t merely straddling the man below her, but that she was impaled by him.

The expression ‘I’m fucked either way’ entered her head and she turned to face her lover again. He didn’t seem particularly bothered that they had a visitor. He smiled at her in an almost relaxed way.

“You shave everything,” Johnny remarked after a while.

Liz blushed. Was she embarrassed? She didn’t know if it was a thing for women her age to shave everything, but she liked it that way, even when she wasn’t with Jack. She didn’t know what, if anything, she should respond to Johnny. Instead, she wondered if she should let him stay and watch. Is that what he wanted? As a token of thanks for letting them stay here in his penthouse?

Despite knowing a little about Jack’s kinky background, Liz wasn’t sure if she could go through with having sex in front of an audience. Sure it was arousing being naked and filled with cock in front of a voyeur, but it was a bit worrisome as well. She had to keep in mind she was on a business trip, not to mention that she had teenagers back at home.

Looking back at Johnny, then Jack, she considered her predicament.

Fuck it, she thought.

Liz could feel her pussy pulse and her arousal drip between her legs, which earned her an imploring look from Jack. Maybe he, too, wanted Johnny to leave so they could to continue.

“Thanks for the water,” Liz told Johnny and threw him a pleading look to finally get out. The pressure inside of her was even more apparent now, and she couldn’t hold out much longer.

Johnny took the hint. Grinning, he walked away from the bed and slowly shut the door behind him, but not without glancing at Liz’s backside first. Liz could feel his eyes on her ass, and momentarily closed her eyes. She felt Jack reach for her and as his hands gripped her hips harder, she felt him slide out and plunge into her from below. He helped to move her body up and down his shaft, slowly at first, until they found the familiar rhythm experienced previously.

So what if Johnny saw them, Liz thought as she focused on her breathing. So what if he got a bit of a show.

It didn’t take long for them to change position. Jack flipped her onto her back, and she moved her legs up over his shoulders as he re-positioned himself. His hands were holding her legs against him, on either side of his head, leaving her open and exposed.

She tried to see her lips stretched around his cock by lifting her head. Jack pushed himself all the way in, and it felt different this time, fuller somehow.

Liz reached for Jack to come closer; she needed his full weight on her. Jack sped up a little and started pounding into her with a sense of urgency she hadn’t experienced with him yet.

She wanted him to take her this way. Hard and fast, just like this.

Being watched added a new dimension to their lovemaking. She glanced at the door while locking her arms around her lover, pulling him deeper into her.

It looked like Johnny closed the door firmly on his way out. He didn’t stay to sneak another look.

Jack pushed Liz’s legs off his shoulders as Liz reached for his face with her arms. She wanted his tongue inside her mouth when she came.

Read more about Liz and Jack’s sexual adventures in Bound and Edged.

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