Debut book release

The Man from the South is now an ebook at Smashwords! (to load to your Kindle use the mobi extension)

Many of you have taken the time to like, comment and email me when I posted this story on my blog. I thank you for your readership, your time to like and comment, and especially your enthusiasm; without you, this book would not be possible. You know who you are. πŸ™‚

Thank you especially to Eric, JP and John for your inspirations, ideas and, in some cases, clarification relating to consent, kink and BDSM practices. I ❀ you more than I can say.

Ebook cover

Request: I created this ebook image myself. I have never done this before; I am not a graphic artist. My original idea was to use either the man, or the girl with the pole, as the main image for my book, but then my friend suggested I merge the two images. This idea became an obsession for me, but I relented despite my inexperience with digital graphic design and I must admit I’m quite pleased with the end result. I would really love to know what you think.

Note: most erotica book covers do not appeal to me at all with their unrealistic body images, the cheesy poses or half-naked bodies, and the implied youth that seems to permeate the erotica industry. I chose to design something that was off the beaten path but hope it still evokes an erotic theme. Do tell me your thoughts, it will guide me during my next adventure.

Future plans

I plan on writing a sequel to this story when the mood hits. I have other books in the works as well, which I will release on my books page. (See left margin on a laptop/desktop or menu in mobile/tablet.) Given the ongoing chaos that this pandemic has unleashed on us, I may end up with more time on my hands again. No time like the present than to finish, edit and publish more books.

Thank you for following my blog and especially for your readership. ❀

Happy reading!



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