Liz and her outlandish kink – part 2

This is the continuation of Liz and her outlandish kink.

Jack stood a step back from the table and smiled approvingly. Everything was all set. All he had to do now was wait for Liz to arrive.

He picked up his phone and texted a message:


He waited for the telltale appearance of the two check marks, indicating that his buddy Rod received the message, and put his phone in his back pocket of his jeans.

Shortly after, he heard the doorbell ring. When he opened the door, he saw Liz standing there smiling at him.

“Hi,” she said and stepped inside.

Jack gave her a kiss on the cheek and closed the door behind her.

“Hi,” he responded. “I have a surprise for you.”

Liz smiled, knowing Jack was a man of few words. He wasn’t one for small talk, so she simply nodded and let him guide her into the back part of the house.

Liz loved Jack’s home. The west-facing back part was a sun-flooded open concept kitchen and dining area, with a marble island and comfortable leather bar stools with backs. Adjacent to the island Jack had placed a beautiful antique wooden table.

Liz loved this table. Each time she had been invited over, she couldn’t help but run her hand along the wood grain. It was rectangular and could seat ten people comfortably, four on each side and two more at each end. Not that Jack was the type to have formal dinner parties for that many people, but he did have extended family who sometimes came over for barbecues or holiday meals.

Today however, Liz noticed something different about the table. It wasn’t bare, like it usually was. There were all sorts of items placed strategically in different places. Items that don’t typically belong on this type of furniture.

The first item that surprised her was a small but thick rectangular pillow in a plain white pillowcase. It was situated at the far end of the table, near where Jack usually sat when he hosted the family.

In the middle of the table was a smaller pillow, also rectangular and white.

At the other end of the table, Liz noticed a larger than usual white plastic placemat.

On top of the placemat she noticed several items, and upon looking closer, she realized they were sex toys. There were two different sized dildos, an electric wand, and several pieces of white rope of various lengths. Four cuffs made out of white leather were neatly lined along the edge of the place mat.

Liz stared at the table for a moment and refrained from touching it the way she usually did. Then, she looked expectantly at Jack who stood near the counter watching her.

“Oh,” Liz managed to say. Her gaze returned to the table and she felt her wheels turning inside her head.

What is he up to today, she wondered silently.

Jack gave her time to process the contents of the room before speaking. When he did, his voice was quiet but reassuring.

“I’ve been thinking about that show you mentioned,” he started, pausing briefly before continuing. “The one with the woman and the sushi.”

Liz turned to face Jack and opened her eyes wide. He was referring to the episode she showed him last week when he invited her over for a sushi dinner.

He’s been thinking about Sex and the City? Where Samantha covered her naked body with sushi and waited for her boyfriend to arrive and eat it off her? Liz was surprised. She didn’t get a sense that this sort of thing was quite Jack’s style.

“Ah,” she said. “That’s what this is about.”

“I did a bit of research,” Jack continued, carefully observing how Liz processed everything she was looking at. He knew if he divulged too much too soon, Liz might get spooked rather than aroused.

Liz turned to face him and stared at him without speaking. She could feel herself clenching her lower region, and began licking her lips which suddenly felt dry.

Jack observed her silently. He noticed she balled her hands into fists, something Liz did when she was nervous or agitated.

“Liz,” Jack spoke again. “Nothing happens without consent.”

Jack’s soothing voice resulted in the desired effect; he watched Liz exhale slowly.

Pleased that this single important word immediately relaxed his girlfriend, Jack felt himself relax as well. He realized every time he introduced her to a new kink, he was always more nervous than he expected to be. After all, if she wasn’t completely on board, if there was even the slightest hesitation, the session would end up less than satisfactory for him as well. Mutual consent was key every time.

Jack watched Liz observe the table and waited.

After a while, Liz took a deep breath and then asked for water.

“Why don’t you go sit by the pool,” Jack suggested. “I’ll bring us something to drink and we can talk about what I have in mind for us today.”

Liz nodded her agreement and opened the sliding doors to the backyard. She found a spot to sit under the umbrella and when Jack appeared with two glasses of iced tea, she happily took hers and started sipping.

They sat silently and watched the ripples in the pool water. After a few minutes, Liz turned to Jack and said:

“Ok, tell me. What are you planning?”

Jack smiled, put his glass on the table beside his chair, and began to tell her his fantasy.

Continued here


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  1. Very good, Cassandra! BTW, I’m reading your book, The Man from the South. I’ll leave you a review on Smashwords, or somewhere, once I’m finished. Shouldn’t be too long. One word of caution, though. I’m a notoriously critical reviewer.   

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