Liz and her outlandish kink – part 3

This is the continuation of Liz and her outlandish kink part 1 and part 2

“I want to tie you to the table.”

Jack stated his intent almost dispassionately, as if he expected Liz to dismiss the idea.

Liz sipped her ice tea through her straw and remained silent.

“You saw the implements,” Jack continued cautiously. Again, he waited. He picked up his own ice tea and took a pull from it.

How come he gave me a straw, but he doesn’t have one? Liz pondered while simultaneously realizing he spiked his drink but not hers.

Men don’t use straws, she berated herself, shaking her head. She knew Jack liked his booze.

Jack watched Liz shift her eyes from her drink to his and back.

“You wanna turn yours into a Long Island?” he asked her and raised himself off his lawn chair.

“No, that’s ok,” Liz replied. “Tell me more about the table.”

Jack smiled to himself and sat back down.

When he first met Liz, he never thought even for a moment she could be the kind of woman who would sustain his rather eccentric sexual appetite. She seemed so innocent, so naive with her small, waif-like body, despite her rather whimsical taste in tattoos. But something in her eyes captivated him, lured him toward her. He threw caution to the wind and asked her out to an upscale restaurant despite his boredom with the routine dating scene. But there was no way to know ahead of time whether Liz was vanilla or kinky, so this seemed to him the most fitting course of action. A date in a nice restaurant with good food and good wine was never in vain, even if it ended up not working out with the woman.

Liz had looked amazing when she arrived at the restaurant. Black was her color, and accentuated her pale skin and huge, dark eyes. The silvery blond streaks in her hair added an element of mystery and accentuated rather than detracted from her age. She looked younger than she was; that is, until he started speaking with her. It was clear Liz was educated and intelligent with plenty of life experience.

It didn’t take long for Jack to recognize a covert desire to escape the constraints of her mundane, rather ordinary life. He continued to court her, and within a couple of weeks she felt comfortable enough to divulge some of her more outlandish fantasies to him.

“Have you ever tried any of them,” Jack wanted to know at the time, but Liz shook her head no. “I sometimes write stories, but I don’t do anything with them,” she responded with an air of despondency.

Jack felt optimistic after that conversation, but decided to proceed cautiously. Liz may give the impression of a damsel in distress, but she was far from helpless. She left an abusive husband and raised three kids by herself. It took courage and spirit to achieve independence after an experience like that.

The first time he made love to her, he felt an emotional connection which he had rejected as futile, even unnecessary for years. Decades, even. But for the first time in a long time, Jack enjoyed vanilla sex, which scared him almost to the point of bolting.

To overcome his discomfort, he tried ghosting her.

Liz recognized his fear, but remained undeterred.

“You want me out of your life, say so,” she demanded. “I won’t put up with this shit.”

Jack admired her resilience, and stayed. That’s when he started introducing her to some of his kinky ideas. He listened carefully to Liz’s fantasies and picked one idea, perhaps an implement she mentioned, or a particular skill, and designed a sexual activity around it. One that would intensify her desires for him. If he played it right, he could transform her into the kind of sexually responsive submissive he suspected she craved to be

It worked. They started to expand their sex play, albeit slowly and carefully. As Liz gained confidence in both her body’s reactions and her ability to perform certain skills, she allowed Jack to push her boundaries a little. One time, she even consented to being shared, although only for oral sex, not penetration.

And now, Liz was thinking about body sushi. Ever since she showed him the clip of the woman in that TV show, Jack had been preoccupied about recreating a similar scene. He couldn’t wait to share his ideas with Liz, but he knew it was crucial that he progress carefully, and slowly. He wanted her aroused, not spooked. This is why he came up with several plans, each one more outlandish than the other.

Jack picked up his drink again and took another pull. He looked at Liz and began to tell her his plans.

“Well, there’s the rope,” he started. “You liked bondage before, so I thought it might help if you’re tied down to the table. Before I put the food on you.”

Jack smiled silently at the image in his head. He noticed a slight twitch in Liz when he brought up the last part, about the food on her body. This was a good sign, one that encouraged him to continue. He reminded himself that this whole sushi on the body thing was her idea, after all. She’s the one who brought it up.

Liz stared at Jack as she processed his words. When he didn’t continue speaking, she looked away and contemplated what to say to him. Was he waiting for input?

“What’s the purpose of having me tied down?”

The question surprised Jack. Wasn’t bondage desired?

“You don’t have to be tied, it was just an idea,” he told her.

“No, it’s ok, I don’t mind, I’m just trying to think why it would be necessary. I mean, if you’re placing food on me, I need to lay still anyway so you can, you know…lick it off me.”

Liz giggled at the thought of how that would make her feel. Jack’s oral skills were beyond anything she ever experienced before; as far as she was concerned, he didn’t need food to eat from her body.

She glanced at Jack expectantly before continuing with her train of thought.

“I mean, if you want to tie me down, you can. I don’t mind. You know I like it.”

Jack smiled, not just because she just consented to being tied down on the table, but reaffirming that he was right in his assumptions. She did like bondage, that had been clear to him since the first time they tried it.

Jack remembered it well. She asked him to tie her arms and legs to the bed when he performed orally on her, and since that time, she’d asked for it repeatedly. This is part of the reason why she consented to Rod coming over and servicing her in that same capacity, except in his buddy’s case, she was tied to a chair, not the bed.

“No one comes into the bed with us,” she declared at the time he introduced Rod to her, and Jack promised he would respect her wish.

Jack shut off his mind, returned to the present tense and watched his girlfriend sip her drink.

“The implements might cause you to react and drop the food if you’re not tied down,” Jack resumed his explanation, referring to the dildos and wand he placed on the table earlier.

“Yeah,” Liz said hesitantly. “I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, if there’s food involved and I’m leaking and squirting all over the place…”

Liz trailed off and sunk into her chair. This alerted Jack that maybe he went too far with the sex toys. Some damage control was needed here before she changed her mind.

“Well, let’s talk about the food first, the toys don’t need to be a part of it,” Jack reassured her by willing her to look him in the eye. “Liz?”

Liz leaned her head back and closed her yes for a moment.

“I know, I know,” Liz said and met his look. “What kind of food?”

Relieved Liz seemed open enough to continue the conversation, Jack considered his answer carefully.

“If it’s going to be sushi, let’s make it vegetarian,” he said. “No sauces or dips on your body, just the rolls.”

Liz tiled her head and contemplated his answer. He didn’t seem finished; in fact, it almost felt like he was just starting. Knowing Jack, he usually had very elaborate plans, with details and and backup options.

“What else?” she inquired.

Jack struggled with the next part. On the one hand, he wasn’t much of a fruit person, nor was he into the usual delicacies the women seemed to like so much, like puddings or whip cream. On the other hand, this is exactly the sort of thing that would increase the oral stimulation Liz clearly fantasized about. Could he slurp chocolate sauce from her nipples? Or lick custard from her nether lips?

Jack finished his drink and let his gaze travel across his girlfriend’s curves. There were some telltale signs of arousal seeping through him now. He shifted around on his seat and placed his empty glass on the table. When he turned his face back toward Liz, she was standing directly in front of him. Before he could protest, she climbed onto his lap and pulled his face toward hers into a tantalizing kiss.

And so it begins, Jack thought as he kissed her back.

To be continued here

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