Liz and her outlandish kink – part 4

Continuation of part 1, part 2 and part 3

Jack tied rope around Liz’s wrists and fastened them to the legs of the table on either side of her head.

A pillow supported her head, which Liz thought was kind of Jack, to think of her comfort.

Earlier, before she climbed on the table freshly showered and naked, they debated the position she was to be tied in.

They both agreed she would lie on her back.

Liz thought she should keep her legs closed, tied together at the ankles.

Jack wanted them spread, like her arms.

“Where else am I going to put the dessert?” he asked, winking at her.

Liz rolled her eyes at him and began a perfunctory argument.

“You don’t even like sweets,” she countered.

“Not true,” Jack shot back. “I love your nectar.”

Liz smirked at his choice of words, which weren’t usually so soft-sounding. Jack preferred to use the cruder nomenclature for her womanly bits or oozy droplets, knowing this was part of what turned her on. But not at the beginning of a session. Liz needed time to submerge herself into submissive headspace, and until she was adequately aroused, she had no use for terms like cunt or cocksucker.

“Terms like that turn me off,” she told him one time at the beginning of their relationship. “It sounds insulting in the wrong context.”

Jack seemed startled by her bold declaration.

“I thought…” he began, trying to justify his opinion when Liz interrupted him.

“Jack,” she said. “There’s a time and place to use those words with me. But not when we’re vanilla. Just wait until we’re in a session and I’m, um… warmed up.”

It didn’t take Jack long to find out what Liz needed from him. His assumption that a woman who enjoyed kink and BDSM would simply flip a switch and become submissive proved to be a mistake.

Women like Liz needed a lot of foreplay to reach the point of comfort to consent to kink play. Especially if bondage was to be a part of it.

Which is why tying Liz to the table had to be a carefully orchestrated event.

While Jack fiddled with the rope around her arms, Liz contemplated just how much oral would take place with this sushi thing they were setting up. Would he use chop sticks to remove the rolls one by one? Or would he lower his face toward her skin and use his lips, his tongue, to lift the food into his mouth?

The whole idea of presenting her body as Jack’s dinner plate caused Liz to stir and twitch in anticipation. There was nothing she loved more than to have Jack’s tongue on her. In her. Adding food was just a new element in their kink. Something to keep things from getting mundane.

Not that sex with Jack was ever mundane. He was if nothing else incredibly creative, and she often wondered just how much porn he watched which might have helped whet his appetite for some of the activities they’ve undertaken.

Liz watched Jack fuss with his ropes while she lay there on the table with her legs close together. When Jack began to wrap the ropes around her ankles, deeply absorbed in the knots he was tying, she suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of tenderness for this man. She wanted to reach for him and kiss him again, or tousle his hair, but her arms were tied. Struggling slightly she re-emerged into the present tense, and the current predicament she found herself in.

A wicked smile flashed across her face.

“Jack,” she said, alerting him to look at her. “Spread my legs and tie them tight.”

Jack looked up and flashed her a smug smile before he turned his attention back to his ropes.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

Satisfied in her knowledge that her request would be met with absolute approval, Liz watched his face transform from casually smug to deeply concentrated.

He knows me so well, she thought, happy he was pleased.

She closed her eyes and let him manipulate her body into whatever contortion he had planned. Men like to arrange women’s bodies for sexual purposes, she thought and silently thanked him for his anticipation of putting the large plastic place mat under her ass. The further apart Jack spread her legs, the tighter he tied her on to the table, the more pronounced her arousal became.

When he was done, Jack took a step back and admired his work. His girlfriend was naked, tied spread-eagled to the table, and looked good enough to eat.

“May not need any food,” he muttered, causing Liz to open her eyes.

“Bring the sushi,” she said. “Do you have some in the fridge?”

“No,” Jack responded which made Liz frown and lift her head up slightly from her pillow.

“So, I’m gonna lie here tied to the table for a while?” she asked, feigning concern just for effect. She didn’t really mind bondage; there was a curious sense of freedom in her mind and body when she was in Jack’s presence but tied in place, unable to move.

Jack watched her from his position a few feet away and contemplated his answer.

“It’s coming,” he finally told her.

“Ok,” Liz responded and let her head sink back onto the pillow and closed her eyes. “You ordered it for delivery.”

“Not exactly,” Jack answered, this time crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Liz opened her eyes again. She could tell something was up, and it made her a little bit afraid. What was he planning that they hadn’t discussed?

This was one of the things about Jack she still had to get used to. He liked to inject an unexpected element into their play time, knowing it would cause Liz a little bit of fear. Keeping her slightly off-balance, Jack knew, would increase her desire and subsequently plunge her deeper into submission. Having her completely at his mercy but not knowing exactly what will happen was a slippery slope, and they both knew could quickly get out of control if either of them blundered, or accidentally disregarded their mutually consented rules.

Liz took a breath in. She had her safewords, and Jack always respected her when she called them out. It didn’t happen often, but it had happened a couple of times when she needed a moment of respite. Besides, Jack reviewed their list of hard and soft limits every third Sunday of each month.

Liz deliberated her situation while naked, spread and in bondage. If he didn’t have the sushi, and he didn’t order it to be delivered, then how will the sushi get into the house and onto her body?

Jack watched Liz’s internal process. She twitched and struggled against her ropes, glaring at him quizzically. He turned his face toward the television cabinet onto which he had placed the sex toys Liz decided against using on her while she was decorated with sushi. He left a knife and a pair of scissors next to the wand, just in case Liz had a panic attack and needed to be freed quickly.

But Liz’s struggle wasn’t indicative of any imminent meltdown. Still, he kept a close eye on her. He knew what he was waiting for, he just had to be patient while she worked out her thoughts.

He smiled when he saw the light go on in her eyes. The proverbial penny finally dropped.

“Rod,” Liz said and bit her lips. “Rodney’s coming, isn’t he.”

Jack nodded.

“Look, Liz,” he began to explain. “There are two options here. Since we didn’t discuss it ahead of time, you have the right to deny him access to you. If you don’t want him to participate, or even to see you like this, I will send him away when he gets to the door.”

Jack paused for a moment to give her a chance to reply, but she didn’t say anything.

“You know him,” he continued. “You met before.”

Liz nodded but still remained silent. Her mind was racing, and she needed to think. Did she want to be shared today? Rod had his share of her before when he services her orally while tied to a chair with Jack watching closely. He was to edge her, not make her climax. That was Jack’s job.

Liz closed her eyes again and relaxed her hands, which she didn’t realize until just now had become tightly fisted.

Jack did let his buddy watch later, when he fucked her…

“He won’t be here for a while,” Jack interrupted her thoughts suddenly. “You get final say whether he stays, or goes. He’s ok with either option.”

Liz opened her eyes and turned to face Jack.

“He wants to see me like this,” she proclaimed. “Naked, tied, and with sushi all over me.”

“Course he does,” Jack chuckled.

“Well, what do you think?” Liz asked him. “You want him here, obviously…”

“Well, if you allow him to stay, I can just make him watch,” Jack suggested mischievously.

“As if,” Liz retorted, rolling her eyes again. “Let me think…”

“Take your time,” Jack told her as he approached the table. Gently, he stroked his girlfriend’s long hair off her shoulders, letting it cascade across the edge of the table, and then walked to the liquor cabinet. He was going to need a drink to accompany his sushi.

To be continued

9 thoughts on “Liz and her outlandish kink – part 4

  1. Oh Cassandra, this is definitely pushing some of my erotic hot buttons…can’t wait to see what happens next and how far Liz wants to go. πŸ”₯ I’m enjoying Liz’s personality. She isn’t hardcore but is open to exploring her sexuality – the naughty-angel archetype – is delicious. πŸ˜‹πŸ’«


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