Liz and her outlandish kink

“Did you ever watch that show Sex and the City?” Liz asked Jack one day.

They were sitting on Jack’s sofa sharing a platter of sushi and sashimi. The TV was on in front of them displaying a selection of movies on Netflix.

Jack glared at Liz.

“Of course not, that’s a chick’s show,” he responded.

Liz rolled her eyes at him.

“I know that,” she said, faking exasperation. “I’m just saying, it’s possible you may have come across some of the episodes at one time or another. Like, when you had other women around, for instance.”

Liz chuckled to herself. She knew Jack was a bit of a loner and when he entertained women before her, they were probably not the type who were interested in relationships. Liz presumed if he had women over, they probably weren’t watching TV…

“My sister watched that show,” Jack interrupted her thoughts. “And her friends. It was this whole thing…”

“Yeah,” Liz responded, lost in her own thoughts. She remembered how her friends were into that show too, and that she never really showed much interest until much later when it went into syndication. Then one night she had insomnia so she channel surfed until she came upon an episode and ended up binge-watching the marathon for the remainder of the weekend.

Liz picked another spider roll, popped it into her mouth and contemplated her next statement.

“I just wondered,” Liz began anew, wanting to get Jack’s full attention. “Because, I was thinking…”

For some reason, she couldn’t get her words out the way she wanted. Liz stopped talking for a moment and waited for Jack to look at her.

Jack swallowed his food and for the first time since they began eating, he looked directly at Liz.

“What? What were you thinking?”

Liz leaned back into the sofa and folded her arms in front of her chest.

“Um…” she began.

Her hesitation alerted Jack that something serious was coming, so he pushed the sushi platter away from the edge of the coffee table, and turned his body toward Liz.

“What’s going on?” he asked her.

“Um…” Liz started again but stopped before continuing.

“Can you pass me the remote?” she said next, and extended her hand out.

Jack reached for it and handed it to her. She took it and flipped around the channels until she came to the youtube link. After a quick search, she pulled up the show she mentioned earlier, and searched for a specific episode.

“What are you looking for,” Jack asked her. Liz thought he sounded intrigued but also a little impatient.

“Wait for it,” she told him and continued her search.

Finally, she found it. Samantha, one of the main characters, was lying on a table in her condo, completely naked and covered in sushi. She was trying to entice her boyfriend who wasn’t home yet, but who was due home any minute.

Liz froze the screen and looked at Jack. He stared at the image on the TV but shifted his eyes to the remaining sushi rolls on the platter in front of him. Then he looked quizzically at Liz.

Liz smiled at him coyly.

“Next time,” Liz said and turned off the TV. “Dinner is on me.”

Continued here.


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9 thoughts on “Liz and her outlandish kink

  1. My girlfriends and I watched the whole series together. We’d do drinks and binge watch it. It was a blast. It was a great show. I’ve kind of always had this fantasy, too. I’ve seen it done in numerous photos and movies/shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Umm…eating sushi off a naked woman has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. Saw it in a movie once – I don’t remember which one – and thought it was super hot. I can’t wait to see where this story goes!


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