Multi-part erotic stories

Liz and Jack

Liz meets Jack and encounters new experiences which push her beyond her vanilla comfort zones.

Bound and Edged

The Man from the South

Leah was frustrated with her lackluster sex life, impatient to wait for her friend with(out) benefits, and embarks on an adventure with a Dom whom she had met virtually.

Removed from blog, in progress to be made into an e-book. (March 2021)

Alexandra and Andrew

Navigating ongoing sexual tension and curiosity, Alexandra and Andrew find themselves in a situation where exploration elevates their relationship to a new level.

part 1 – Longing for orgasmic release
part 2 – The intricate complications of friends with(out) benefits
part 3 – A cabin of opportunities and benefits
part 4 – Seductive torment in the cabin

Tantalizing Bikini Games

The story of a woman who is in a seductively playful mood while accompanying her husband on a business trip along with another couple. Underlying themes of ethical-non monogamy, poly and swinging.

Tantalizing bikini games
Tantalizing bikini games continued
More tantalizing bikini games
More tantalizing bikini games continued

Seductive Exposure

Seductive Exposure (part 1)
Seductive Exposure (part 2)
Seductive Exposure (part 3)

Her Mischievous Plan

Her mischievous plan
Her mischievous plan continued