Neglecting my erotic self

First off, I love this blog. I love Cassandra and all she stands for. She is my alter ego and, until not that long ago, was my naughty little secret. When I wrote erotica as Cassandra I was thrilled, aroused, sexually explorative and, well, sometimes barely dressed. 😇

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Oral reflections

There were some oral sessions she remembered. One in particular, way back, when she was living in a dorm. He was an economics student three years her senior.

He desired her.

That was her first time experiencing sexual desire coming from a man who wasn’t a stupid teenager with crude language about tampons fucking pussies. He even told her what to expect before he started.

“I’ll do it for as long as it takes”, he said as she lay there splayed, watching his blond head disappear between her legs.

This never happened to her before. An oral session, born out of desire, and performed, willingly, to completion. It was her first orgasm delivered by a man, not achieved by her own hand, or the stream of a tap in a bathtub. Continue reading “Oral reflections”