The notoriously critical reviewer

A slight detour before I continue the adventures of Liz and Jack.

A man who commented on one of my stories on this blog decided to buy and read my book, The Man from the South. He let me know in a comment, and then alerted me to the following caution: he is a self-proclaimed, notoriously critical reviewer.

I thought, okay, thanks for the warning. Although I was intrigued, I admit the caution left me a little bit unsettled. Who is this man, and how can he say something like this before he even read my book? It’s almost as if he expected my very first book to be mediocre.

Today, Smashwords notified me that I have received my first review.

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Debut book release

The Man from the South is now an ebook at Smashwords! (to load to your Kindle use the mobi extension)

Many of you have taken the time to like, comment and email me when I posted this story on my blog. I thank you for your readership, your time to like and comment, and especially your enthusiasm; without you, this book would not be possible. You know who you are. 🙂

Thank you especially to Eric, JP and John for your inspirations, ideas and, in some cases, clarification relating to consent, kink and BDSM practices. I ❤ you more than I can say.

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