Silky bondage (part 2)


She’s lying there, naked, with a fully dressed man straddled on top of her. He had just tied her arms to the headboard above the her head with silk scarves, not too tight, but leaving her unable to reach for him.

She longs to reach for him. To pull his head toward her to allow for a kiss.

Does he want to kiss me, she wonders while watching his face.

He in the meantime is checking the knots he secured on her wrists with the scarves. Then, he glides himself backwards until he straddles her knees, and looks at her. Continue reading “Silky bondage (part 2)”

More tantalizing bikini games continued (part 4)

Why is he standing so close to me, she wondered while waiting for the hostess to finish consulting her map. His erection is practically right on my ass.

They were at a local eatery not far from their AirBnB, waiting to be shown to their table. He had offered to drive, and although it wasn’t far to walk, the mid-day heat was almost too unpleasant to bear.

When they were finally shown to their booth and took a seat opposite one another, she glared at him.

“Nice,” she said. “Whatever happened to social distancing? That was a rather close, um, encounter…”

“Ha,” he replied and winked at her. “Consider it a token of thanks for the earlier, rather fun, escapades.” Continue reading “More tantalizing bikini games continued (part 4)”

More tantalizing bikini games (part 3)

She was keenly aware of how he watched her climb out of the pool, naked and dripping wet.

She never considered herself an exhibitionist before, but here she was acting like one.

I’m the one who initiated this whole scene, she reminded herself. I stripped and teased him, knowing he was watching.  Continue reading “More tantalizing bikini games (part 3)”

Tantalizing bikini games continued (part 2)

This is the continuation of Tantalizing bikini games.

She knew at the precise moment she turned around that this was a spectacularly bad idea.

Not only was she nude in the pool, she was with a man she barely knew.

Who, incidentally was not nude.

Continue reading “Tantalizing bikini games continued (part 2)”